Pike fishing: what are the best baits to catch this freshwater predator?

Pike fishing: what are the best baits to catch this freshwater predator? – On our website, you can find the best electronic products at advantageous prices.

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Pike fishing: what are the best baits to catch this freshwater predator?

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When it comes to freshwater fishing, whether it’s spinning or any other technique, the pike is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after prey.
Pike are among the most voracious and dangerous predators for fish species inhabiting rivers and lakes. Their cunning and combative nature in resisting capture make them an alluring target for anglers seeking a challenge. However, fishing for pike is no simple task, and to increase the chances of success, choosing an appropriate lure becomes a fundamental step.
In this in-depth exploration, we will delve into the realm of the best artificial lures to consider when fishing for pike.
1. **Crankbaits:** Crankbaits are a top choice when targeting pike. These lures imitate injured or fleeing baitfish, eliciting the aggressive nature of pike. Their diving action at different depths and the variety of colors available make them versatile and effective in various water conditions.
2. **Spinnerbaits:** Spinnerbaits are excellent for covering a large area quickly. Their rotating metal blade creates vibrations and flashes that attract pike from afar. The combination of a spinner and a skirt with bright colors provides an irresistible target for these predators.
3. **Jerkbaits:** Jerkbaits mimic the erratic movements of wounded fish, and this action entices pike to strike. These lures can be worked at different speeds and depths, allowing anglers to experiment and find the best approach to entice the elusive pike.
4. **Soft Plastic Swimbaits:** Soft plastic swimbaits replicate the appearance and movement of real fish. They come in various sizes, from small fry imitations to large baitfish, catering to pike of different sizes and feeding preferences. Their lifelike action in the water is sure to tempt even the most wary pike.
5. **Spoons:** Spoons have been a staple in pike fishing for generations. Their simple design with a curved, spoon-like shape creates an enticing wobbling action, imitating an injured fish. These lures are especially effective in colder water conditions, as they can be retrieved slowly to attract sluggish pike.
6. **Topwater Lures:** Topwater lures provide an exhilarating experience when pike strikes explosively on the surface. These lures include poppers, buzzbaits, and frogs, all of which create surface disturbances that grab the attention of pike lurking below.
7. **Inline Spinners:** Inline spinners are versatile and effective lures that consist of a spinning blade and a trailing treble hook. The blade’s rotation generates vibrations and flashes, while the treble hook ensures a solid hookset when the pike strikes.
8. **Creature Baits:** Creature baits imitate various aquatic creatures such as crawfish, leeches, or amphibians. They offer a unique and intriguing presentation that pike find hard to resist, especially in areas with abundant natural prey.
9. **Live Baits:** While we focus on artificial lures, live baits like minnows, shiners, or even small panfish can also be highly effective when targeting trophy-sized pike. They provide a realistic and enticing option for pike that might be wary of artificial presentations.
Remember, when fishing for pike, it’s essential to consider the water conditions, weather, and the pike’s behavior. Each lure mentioned above can work differently depending on these factors. Additionally, using a steel leader is crucial to prevent the pike’s sharp teeth from cutting the fishing line.
To increase your success, experiment with various lures, retrieve speeds, and depths until you find the winning combination for the day. Patience and persistence are key when pursuing these elusive predators, but the thrill of landing a massive pike makes the effort more than worthwhile. So, whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting, try your hand at pike fishing with these top-notch lures, and you might just hook the trophy pike of a lifetime. Happy fishing!

Pike fishing: a brief introduction

Nicknamed by some “wolf fish” for its voracity and for its tendency to hunt its prey through ambushes, the pike is a freshwater predator widespread in rivers and lakes in most of the northern hemisphere. With a tonnage that can exceed one meter in length and 20 kilograms in weight, it represents a large prey for the type of fishing environment in which it swims, with a predilection for shallow waters rich in vegetation.
For more information on how and when to go pike fishing, consult our guide to pike fishing published some time ago.

Quale esche scegliere per la pesca a spinning dei lucci: swimbait, jerkbait, shad, pike e tante altre

Given that the most common technique for catching this predator is spinning, it will be necessary to equip a type of bait that adapts to the characteristics of this method and that is able at the same time to imitate in a realistic way the types of prey that the pike catches. they feed.
In this sense, we are certainly not talking about a picky fish: in addition to feeding on small-sized perch, the pike does not disdain in any way to tend lightning ambushes to frogs, birds and small mammals, especially if it can catch them off guard with a flank attack.
With that said, let’s take a look at the different types of pike baits and what are some of the ones our experienced anglers recommend for their effectiveness.

Storm Wild Eye Live Pike 100 mm. 

An ultra-realistic lure in the reproduction of the livery of a small fish, it even gets to simulate the movement of its eyes through a pair of holographic 3D eyes. The weight integrated in the silicone body allows you to optimize the realism of the swimming action and to sink to variable depths.

Savage Gear 4D Line Thru Trout 15 cm. 35 gr

In a ranking of all lures for pike, an exponent produced by Savage Gear could not in any way be missing. The photographic printing of the liveries with Photo Chrome technology makes the bait a perfect deception for the pike, which will notice it even in the most difficult water conditions by perceiving the aroma with which it is impregnated.

Storm Biscay Minnow 140 mm.

Impossible not to have at least one minnow in this list. The big advantage of this bait is the structure: a slim and elastic body mounted on a tapered jig head with a fixed hook, which make it perfect for long casts even in windy conditions. Definitely a shad to take into consideration when an aggressive presentation is needed. The VMC hook makes it able to take on even large fish.

Berkley Zilla Swimmer 190 artificiale hard swimbait

Esca strutturata in quattro segmenti per rendere più fluido e naturale il nuoto in seguito all’azione slow sinking, sia durante i recuperi veloci che durante il riavvolgimento più lento della bobina. Due ancorette N.1 aumentano la possibilità di successo nel catturare il luccio se correttamente presentata al predatore.

Abu Garcia Svartzonker McCelly 170 artificiale pike jerk

Bait structured in four segments to make swimming more fluid and natural following the slow sinking action, both during fast retrieves and during slower reel rewinding. Two N.1 treble hooks increase the chance of success in catching pike if correctly presented to the predator.

Savage Gear 3D Suicide Duck 10.5

Of all the baits in the ranking, it is certainly the most “original”, probably the one that will appeal most to the biggest and hungriest pikes. It is a floating bait, created through a 3D scan which guarantees the realism of its shape and way of swimming during recovery. The hard ABS body and semi-soft legs ensure durability over time.

Storm Sudak Minnow 100 mm.

An indispensable bait for pike fishing, especially when the budget is limited or if you are looking for a new area to undermine this predator and do not want to risk too much. The 3D eyes and spinning propeller-like propeller at the tail would make the lure very tempting for pike to see it pass by


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Pike fishing: what are the best baits to catch this freshwater predator?


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