Parker 920 Explorer Max, a serene 11 meter that can do 50 knots

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Parker 920 Explorer Max, a serene 11 meter that can do 50 knots

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Parker 920 Explorer Max, a serene 11 meter that can do 50 knots

Because the future owner may have thought of assembling due Honda BF250 on a boat where the shipyard recommends a maximum of 350 total hp it is not known (or yes after knowing it …), the fact remains, however, that the peaceful Parker 920 Explorer Max, with the care to which it has been subjected becomes (almost) a fast offshore cheerfully overcoming, on an even rather rough sea, i 50 notes.

Parker 920 Explorer Max - Navigation.

Parker 920 Explorer Max, il test

I guess you’re a little curious, but it’s exactly mine when I boarded the Parker 920 Explorer Max.

So the first survey I dedicate toaccelerationwhich is not one of the transcendental ones: 5” scarce to glide and 15” to reach the fateful 50 knots, 51 knots to be precise…

But what is most surprising is how this 10.40-metre cabin boat absolutely manages to handle the exuberant power of the two Honda BF250, 3.5-litre V6sin complete fluency, affording a passage on a fairly safe crossed and formed wave.

Sure, a few dry hits are inevitable and this is exactly what leads me to think: “But what’s the need to fly at 50 knots with a boat like this?”.

Parker 920 - Navigation.

I find one reason, however: to test the Parker 920 Explorer Max in extreme conditions of use leave more than calm on what navigation will be like with an engine more appropriate to its category.

For their part i due Honda BF250 they do everything to be appreciated, both for performance, but above all for the consume which remain within the normal range considering the powers (and speeds) involved.

Already at 2,450 rpm it was planing at 12 knots, consuming around 13 l/h. From here, to get in “economic” cruising regime navigationjust go up a thousand revs and travel a 23 knots, consuming just over 25 l/h. The result is an excellent balance between low consumption and a very appreciable navigation speed.

Increasing by just 500 rpm, then a 4000 rpmyou gain 7 knots, thus planing at 30 noteswhich we can identify as fast cruising speedwith suns 10 liters more consumption per hour.

Naturally the engines can easily handle an even faster cruising speed, so if you want you can start 5.000 giri and navigate to 34 notedconsuming 59 litres/hour.

We are on board three people with approx 200 liters of fuel eh empty water tanks. It should also be noted that the photos underway refer to our test, while those of the deck and interior details are from the shipyard.

Parker 920 Explorer Max with twin Honda BF250 outboards

Parker 920 Explorer Max, a bordo

Forgetting the exuberance of the engine, I try to analyze the Parker 920 Explorer Max for what it is: a excellent and versatile motor cabin cruiser of 10.40 metreswith an excellent carena a doppio redan which performed very well in the test, e intelligent deck solutions designed for life on board and made with equal care, both in the choice of materials both in their processing.

Parker 920 Explorer Max - Navigation.

All in confirmation of what was already my firm belief: the Polish yard is unbeatable in terms of quality/price ratioalmost.

Despite the dual engine, the stern platforms they keep a good sizing.

Parker 920 Explorer Max - Cockpit with fisherman.

There is a wealth of lockers and there is also space for one live basque which, together with the vast free space in the cockpit, underlines one of the uses, i.e. sport fishing, to which the Parker 920 Explorer Max would be destined, but not the main one, one would think looking at the welcoming open dinette.

This, in fact, has two tables ready for aperitifs and dinners, but with the possibility of lowering them, to transform the area into a sundresstaking advantage of the C-shaped sofa, or eliminate them, to make it entirely available to the fishermen.

Parker 920 Explorer Max - Cockpit top view.

The sadness of the Parker 920 Explorer Max is well pronounced by rejecting any aerodynamic pretension, but favoring internal habitability, which is excellent even for the tallest.

Parker 920 Explorer - Navigation.

The only one Timoner it is internal, but as an option you can have a second external one. Optional is also the folding roofwhich can make the whole area inside the deckhouse open-air.

Parker 920 Explorer Max - Quadrato.

I personally prefer i two rigid elements sliding of the model under test, more than sufficient to ensure good ventilation and brightness.

The saloon dinette it is to starboard and is made up of two opposing sofas, of which the forward one has a pivoting backrest to choose whether to face the table or facing forward.

Parker 920 Explorer - Square.

On the opposite side is the small galley cabinet and, forward, the command postwhich is equipped with a single seat and a dashboard on which the distribution of the instruments can be appreciated, but also the large panel that can be accessorised according to the owner’s choices.

Below deck the bunk I find it a bit sacrificed for two people, however it has also been carved out third bed aft.

Parker 920 Explorer Max - Layout di coperta.

As in the rest of the boat, one cannot but appreciate the quality of finishesparticularly in the cabin where the walls are all protected by generous padding.

How much does the Parker 920 Explorer Max cost

The price, in the 2023 price list, of the Parker 920 Explorer Max is 73,000 euros, excluding VAT, only for the boat with standard equipment. To this we must add the cost of the outboard engine (or engines).

The variability of the basic price, as well as of course for the accessories, is therefore given first of all by the choice of how many engines you want to mount and their power.

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I numeri del Parker 920 Explorer Max

Data sheet

Length ft 10,40 m
Length 2,80 m
Displacement 3.050 kg
Fuel tank 460 l
Water tank 100 l
Capacity people 8 (B) – 10 (C)
Maximum motorization 350 cv
CE approval Cat. B/C


Regime Speed Consumption
rpm identify l/h
600 3,2 1,9
1000 5,3 3,1
1500 7,0 5,7
2000 8,6 7,4
2500 12 13
3000 17 19
3500 23 25
4000 30 35
4500 33 40
5000 34 59
5500 42 60
6100 51 86


Parker 920 Explorer Max da 73.000 euro (VAT excluded)
Honda BF250 and 26.532 euro (VAT included)

Parker 920 - Navigation.

Click and enter the official Parker Italy website

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Parker 920 Explorer Max, a serene 11 meter that can do 50 knots


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