• Purchases made on this e-commerce website are subject to local laws and regulations regarding import and taxation.
  • Customers are responsible for paying any applicable taxes and import duties on the products purchased from this website.
  • Boatxt™️ is not responsible for any delays or losses caused by customs authorities or import procedures.
  • boatxt™️ is not responsible for any additional costs incurred by the customer as a result of importing the products, such as taxes, import duties, shipping fees, or other administrative costs.
  • Please verify local laws and regulations regarding import and taxation before making a purchase on this e-commerce website. If you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@boatxt.com. We will be happy to help.
  • The following table provides an estimate of the taxes and duties that may be applicable in various countries:
Country Estimated Taxes and Duties
European Union Austria: 20% VAT<br>Belgium: 21% VAT<br>Bulgaria: 20% VAT<br>Croatia: 25% VAT<br>Cyprus: 19% VAT<br>Czech Republic: 21% VAT<br>Denmark: 25% VAT<br>Estonia: 20% VAT<br>Finland: 24% VAT<br>France: 20% VAT<br>Germany: 19% VAT<br>Greece: 24% VAT<br>Hungary: 27% VAT<br>Ireland: 23% VAT<br>Italy: 22% VAT<br>Latvia: 21% VAT<br>Lithuania: 21% VAT<br>Luxembourg: 17% VAT<br>Malta: 18% VAT<br>Netherlands: 21% VAT<br>Poland: 23% VAT<br>Portugal: 23% VAT<br>Romania: 19% VAT<br>Slovakia: 20% VAT<br>Slovenia: 22% VAT<br>Spain: 21% VAT<br>Sweden: 25% VAT<br>United Kingdom: 20% VAT
United States Alabama: 10% sales tax<br>Alaska: 0% sales tax<br>Arizona: 8.6% sales tax<br>Arkansas: 9.5% sales tax<br>California: 8.5% sales tax<br>Colorado: 8.5% sales tax<br>Connecticut: 6.35% sales tax<br>Delaware: 0% sales tax<br>District of Columbia: 6% sales tax<br>Florida: 6% sales tax<br>Georgia: 4% sales tax<br>Hawaii: 4.5% sales tax<br>Idaho: 6% sales tax<br>Illinois: 10% sales tax<br>Indiana: 7% sales tax<br>Iowa: 6% sales tax<br>Kansas: 10.3% sales tax<br>Kentucky: 6% sales tax<br>Louisiana: 10% sales tax<br>Maine: 5.5% sales tax<br>Maryland: 6% sales tax<br>Massachusetts: 6.25% sales tax<br>Michigan: 6% sales tax<br>Minnesota: 8.5% sales tax<br>

Please note that this table is intended for informational purposes only and is not exhaustive. The actual taxes and duties you may be required to pay may vary based on your specific order and location.

In some cases, we may be able to arrange for delivery on a DDP (delivery duty paid) basis, where the taxes and duties are included in the price of the product. However, this is not always possible and is subject to the policies of our courier. Please contact us if you have any questions about DDP delivery options.


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