Boat Cleaning and Deck Maintenance Tips

Maintaining the cleanliness of a boat’s deck holds paramount importance for a multitude of compelling reasons, each intricately tied to the vessel’s longevity, functionality, and overall appeal. The immediate detection of damages and wear stands out as a pivotal advantage of a pristine deck. A clean deck allows for the prompt identification of any potential […]

Motorized Surfboards: A Guide to Choosing the Right One

In recent years, a rather peculiar range of sporting contraptions has emerged, gracefully gliding along our coastlines, catching the curious eye of beachgoers and water sports enthusiasts alike. And no, we’re not referring to the ubiquitous Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUPs), which have seamlessly integrated themselves into the coastal panorama. Our focus here is on something more […]

Leaving the dock with your own boat: a guide for carrying out the maneuver in complete safety

Similar to an aircraft, the initial and final maneuvers of a boat journey are the ones that demand the utmost attention in the nautical realm. Bringing a vessel closer to the dock for mooring necessitates a great deal of caution. Likewise, departing from the harbor and aligning the bow towards the open sea is a […]

Water Bike: curiosities and tips for practicing it

In recent years, water sports have seen a tremendous surge in popularity and have become increasingly diverse and accessible to the masses. There are several factors driving this trend. Firstly, the growing interest in outdoor activities has led people to explore and embrace water-based sports as a way to connect with nature and enjoy the […]

Pike fishing: what are the best baits to catch this freshwater predator?

When it comes to freshwater fishing, whether it’s spinning or any other technique, the pike is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after prey. Pike are among the most voracious and dangerous predators for fish species inhabiting rivers and lakes. Their cunning and combative nature in resisting capture make them an alluring target for anglers seeking […]

Installation of the Jackline: a guide to increase safety on board

Installing a Jackline on board one’s boat can be an excellent solution for enhancing safety during any type of cruise or navigation. The Jackline is essentially a safety component that runs from the bow to the stern of the deck, providing a means to clip one’s safety harness using a dedicated carabiner. This ensures that […]

Sailboat Maintenance: 21 Essential Steps”

Sailboat Maintenance: 21 Essential Steps –  The Continuous Journey of Sailboat Maintenance Sailboat maintenance is an ongoing endeavor that never truly ceases. While many boat owners might believe that the prime time for tending to their sailboat’s needs is during the winter storage period, the reality is that care and attention are required throughout the […]

HSR-Benelli B3S Extreme: Enhancing Aquatic Adventures with Premium Sound Quality

HSR-Benelli B3S Extreme: Enhancing Aquatic Adventures with Premium Sound Quality The marine world is filled with exhilarating experiences, from the thrill of speeding over waves to the serenity of a calm sea. The HSR-Benelli B3S Extreme, a masterpiece in the realm of jetskis, offers riders an unmatched aquatic adventure. But what if this experience could […]

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